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Peace on earth to all mankind

Joy and peace go hand in hand. If we don’t have peace in our hearts we can’t have true joy. I remember when in high school I knew I had tests I should’ve studied for, but instead I would go out to have fun with my friends. I had to try harder to have fun and forget what I should’ve been doing instead. It wasn’t fun.

We cannot have true joy when we have this feeling of that there’s something missing deep in our hearts. And all of us have had this feeling. We don’t have peace. I believe it is because we were created for something more. We were all created to have a living relationship with our Creator. But because of our sin we cannot connect to his Holiness. No matter how hard we try on our own we cannot find that peace.

Christmas is the celebration that the Holy One did what we couldn’t do, the Creator came to us, to heal us and wash away all our sins. Jesus came to us so we could come to him. He came to bring us peace.